“Do you know something about API or Rest-API?” After evaluating my Django knowledge, this was the first question, the guy on the other side of the phone asked to me. It was a call from a just starting startup.

After getting rejected in 5–6 internships in internshala, getting a call like this was a surprise to me. Thank god, I had some basic knowledge about API.

Let’s understand, what is an API?

Different applications like android apps or desktop apps or even Operating System are built in a different way. They have different languages, have different structure and even requires…

While working in Eclipse IDE for one of my internship projects a few days ago, I faced an issue to link my project with my Github repository. I wanted to commit and push the new changes in my project file to an already created repository. This article will provide a step by step guide to link the Github repository with the IDE and further adding the project to the linked repository.

Let’s start with adding the git repository to the Eclipse IDE.

  1. Open the Eclipse IDE and select the Windows menu from the Menu Bar of the IDE.
  2. Go to…

Nishant Pandey

Django developer | ML Enthusiast | Reader

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